Securing the Automotive Future

Cyber Security for a Connected Industry, Strategic Review 2018

Providing a comprehensive review of the automotive industry, this review explores the driving forces that are bringing cyber security into sharp focus. What is the current state of the industry? What market trends are driving adoption? Can manufacturers overcome the security limitations of the supply chain? How can we work together to develop an effective strategy?

We explore these questions and more in our latest review. Scroll down for more details or download now for free.

Understanding the Current Threat

Cyber Security threats are emerging from a convergence of trends

With an ever increasing number of connected vehicles driving onto the road, the risk of cyber-attacks is rising exponentially. A fragmented supply chain, new connected components, high bandwidth in-vehicle networks, and industry pressure to provide more connected services, create brand new attack vectors for hackers to exploit.

What drives these changes? How do evolving business models impact these changes? What steps do you need to take, and how can you overcome the limitations of a vehicle and industry not designed to be secure? Download to find out more.

Working Together

Cooperation in a fragmented industry is essential for effective cyber security

As governments and organisations draw up standards and guidance for future connected and autonomous vehicles, with legislation such the USA’s SPY Act, it becomes important to consider how you can become part of the solution.

Who are the key organisations and alliances and why are they important to the future of the industry?

Developing a Strategy

Defining a strategy can help you respond to emerging threats

Explore the components of a comprehensive cyber security strategy – everything from risk assessment to creating a response plan. Cyber security strategy is about more than just protecting the vehicle, and building a strong foundation is essential to support your future business plans.

Which approach holds the right answers to your needs? In our review you will find the background and guidance you need to start asking the right questions. Download to find out more.