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  • SIEM/SOC Management

    Supporting OEMs with SOC tactical and strategic design. Reviewing tools, capabilities, and methodologies to develop a personalized best-practice for cyber security situational awareness.
  • Red Team

    Comprised of penetration testers, Red Team is responsible for quality assessment and improvement of customer cyber security. The team reviews a customer’s full end-to-end solution by attempting to attack a vehicle or an ECU through various attack vectors and surfaces, using a variety of scenarios.
  • Incident Response

    Provides support for cases that require immediate action and includes cyber event analysis, reproduction of the attack scenario, and generation of recovery plans.
  • System Engineering

    • End-to-end security requires a multilayered structural approach
    • From threat analysis, via risk assessment, to vulnerability analysis. These are unique for each OEM and vehicle model
    • Define an end-to-end cyber security solution, including consultation on various in-house and 3rd-party products, to provide a best-in-class defense suite for the vehicle
    • Integration and deployment support, to maximize the security value of the solution
    • Security Methodologies

      Providing security expertise and best-practice from the manufacturing phase to the various stages of the fleet lifecycle.
    • Training

      Training OEM personnel in effective cyber security disciplines.

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