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Parallel Intrusion Prevention System (PIPS)


The Most Accurate Detection and Prevention Technologydetection

The ONLY proven solution on the market with a 100% detection rate, ZERO false positives, and ZERO latency. PIPS protects the entire vehicle network from a single point by actively intercepting malicious communication originating from hijacked ECUs.

  • 100% Accurate Message Authentication

  • ZERO False Positives

  • ZERO Latency

  • The ONLY Real Time Interception Solution

  • The Only Cyber Protection Both Between & Within Networks

The Challengechallenge

The CAN bus protocol doesn’t include any native source identification. This makes it an easy target for the most common threat - an impersonation attack. Once able to control a connected ECU (the attacks usually come from connected ECUs such as TCU/Infotainment) the hacker can send any message he or she desires. Receiving ECUs will address these messages as if they were normal transmissions on the network. Filtering these malicious messages is the key to preventing such impersonation attacks.

CAN Bus Source Detection

PIPS uses an innovative patented technology to detect the source of every message on the bus, and by using a unique electronic signature can distinguish between the signals of different ECUs. In this manner, it can prevent the transmission of malicious messages – limiting only those that originate from compromised ECUs. Being integrated in parallel to the CAN bus, PIPS protects the whole network from a single point.

Integrated Solutionsolutions

PIPS multilayered security approach envelops the vehicle with four protection layers designed to hermetically isolate the vehicle from the attacker. Each protection layer acts as a gatekeeper, resulting in only authorized messages being sent over the vehicle's network.

  1. Layer I – Message Authentication
  2. Layer II – Deep Packet Inspection
  3. Layer III – Context Analysis
  4. Layer IV – Realtime Interception

PIPS handles any type of malicious communication automatically and in real-time, keeping the driver safe and connected.

Watch our case study videocase study


Using a vehicle’s unique, biometric-like identity, PIPS identifies and intercepts, in real-time, any malicious communication transmitted over the network. Overcoming the limitations of traditional IDPS systems, it features:

  • Source detection based on physical signal characteristic of the sending ECU
  • Parallel integration anywhere on the network
  • Context-aware stateful operation
  • Denial-of-Service attack prevention
  • Electronic Control Unit (ECU) authentication
  • Real-time interception of malicious messages
  • Zero latency operation
  • Optional integration with the OEM security dashboard
  • Logs and reports


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