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Ethernet Security HUB (ESH)


In-Vehicle network landscape changesnetwork

As automation and connectivity drive the automotive industry forward, vehicle networks are evolving. In answer to the growing need for bandwidth, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, Ethernet has emerged as a preferred choice over traditional networks.

  • In-vehicle Centralized Security Management

  • Attack Detection and Mitigation Out-of-the-Box

  • Architecture and Vendor Agnostic

  • Scalable and Future-Proof

Security challengesbenefits

Ethernet’s great potential also introduces new security challenges. It is different from the CAN protocol, bringing different architectural and resource management challenges. Ethernet is a mature IT networking standard, and brings with it many inherent benefits such as source identification and the full TCP/IP stack. However, with these benefits also come all the known risks.

Traditional security offerings incur adoption penalties such as compatibility challenges, design compromises, and integration costs. Keeping ahead of these trends, risks, and challenges, Arilou has developed the Arilou Ethernet Security Hub – a comprehensive yet sustainable security solution, that evolves with your needs.

At its core resides a unique enabling technology – the virtual security hub – a trusted platform for centralized integration of different security components. The ESH supports both standard and proprietary components. Including authentication, message integrity, IDPS, bring your own component, and gap-bridging between integrated components.

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