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CAN Message Frame Authentication



Arilou CANticate provides vital Message Authentication Code (MAC) authentication and integrity verification – bridging the existing security gaps of current Controller Area Networks (CAN).

  • Secure Message Transmission

    Ensures the authenticity of CAN messages, preventing replay attacks
  • Selective Implementation

    Implementation can be tailored for use with only specified messages


Modern in-vehicle networks are becoming increasingly complex. Growing numbers of electronic control units are generating an unprecedented amount of network traffic. This traffic is vulnerable to interception, spoofing, and replay attacks by hackers who have infiltrated the CAN-bus via compromised ECUs.

In a world where in-vehicle data is becoming increasingly important and valuable to OEMs, both for diagnostics, and for usage analytics, it is necessary to protect this data from those who would wish to manipulate it for less than honest means.

CANticate adds a message authentication code (MAC) to CAN message frames, providing essential authentication and integrity verification. The solution prevents replay and spoofing attacks from manipulating critical vehicle data and customer information. As in-vehicle use-cases evolve, preventing unauthorized use of network messages becomes increasingly important.



  • Backward Compatibility

    No need to change gateways or non-participating ECUs as frame format remains unchanged
  • Lossless

    No data is lost during the integrity verification and authentication process
  • Low Latency

    Real-time processing means no significant latency added due to authentication
  • Network Longevity

    Improved network security extends CAN operative lifetime
  • Software-Based

    No heavy resources required, allowing for the use of legacy and modern CAN architectures, reducing cost
  • Stateless

    Each message frame is independently authenticated




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