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CAN Message Frame Compression & Authentication


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A software-based, controller area network (CAN) message compression and authentication solution. As modern in-vehicle networks become more complex, CANpression reduces network overhead, allowing greater efficiency in architecture designs.


Modern in-vehicle networks are becoming increasingly complex. Growing numbers of electronic control units are generating an unprecedented amount of network traffic. This is slowing performance, requiring frequent deployment of additional physical CAN buses to support the additional traffic. In addition, data heavy applications are demanding ever greater bandwidth, and cyber-security concerns are adding their own overhead.

CANpression is a solution designed to mitigate these challenges – extending the viability of modern and legacy CAN networks. Dual-purpose, the solution generates a stateless, lossless, and deterministic compressed CAN message frame, reducing network load. Optionally, it can simultaneously perform a Message Authentication Code (MAC) integration and validation function, enabling advanced cyber-security features

  • Frame Compression – Reduced network overhead improves network performance and bandwidth capacity
  • Message Authentication – Reduced frame size allows for optional MAC code integration and authentication

Key featureskey features

  • Backward Compatibility

    No need to change gateways or non-participating ECUs as frame format remains unchanged.
  • canpression


    No data is lost during the compression and decompression process.
  • Message Integrity

    Enable optional message frame authentication without creating additional overhead.
  • Network Longevity

    Improved network efficiency extends CAN operative lifetime
  • Stateless

    Messages can be compressed and decompressed independently.
  • Software Based

    No heavy resources required, allowing for the use of legacy and modern CAN architectures, reducing cost.

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Software-based, CANpression is lightweight and unobtrusive. As modern in-vehicle networks become more complex, our solution allows for greater efficiency in CAN architecture designs.

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