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MI Software Firm Aims To Block Car Hackers


Can a hacker seize control of your car? What’s the worst that could happen? The answers are yes, that could happen someday, and the result could be plenty bad. A Michigan company is working on ways to improve the cyber security of cars. Listen the interview with Jeff Rehm from NNG and Ziv Levi -CEO of Arilou Automotive Cyber Security- about the most accurate cyber security solution available today.

For lots of people, a report from WIRED magazine in 2015 was the first time they’d heard that hackers might be able to operate their cars remotely.

One software firm trying to get ahead of those who would exploit these weaknesses is NNG, an Israeli company based in Hungary with operations in Michigan, in partnership with a startup called Arilou Cybersecurity.

To read the full story and to listen the interview, please click here.
To see the case study video about Arilou’s Parallel Intrusion Prevention System, watch the video below.


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